Section 1, Chapter 11 (Case Planning Using Trajectories)

(Effective 04/02/19)

Case Planning Using Trajectories

A trajectory creates a road map to case closure.  Having a concrete game plan for the safety planning steps that need to occur, along with a timeline, helps everyone involved in the case maintain focus and feel a sense of mastery as progress is made toward the case goal.  The case trajectory can also eliminate the sense of hopelessness many families feel when they do not know exactly what is expected.


Trajectory vs. Safety Plan

Case Trajectory

Safety Plan

  • The agency’s “how” with some input from the family.
  • The family’s “how” with some input from the agency.
  • Describes what will happen to satisfy the agency.
  • Describes what will happen to keep the child(ren) safe.
  • Developed early in the case.
  • Develops over the life of the case.
  • Ends with case closure
  • Lasts beyond case closure

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