Section 5, Chapter 2 (Documentation), Subsection 5 – Recording and Documenting e-mail Correspondence

Effective Date:  5-1-19


E-mail correspondence pertaining to a case is automatically archived via the email system. These emails do not need to be uploaded to document imaging unless the Supervisor deems it necessary.  Workers are expected to organize their email system by case so case emails will be able to be found and recovered quickly and simply. Furthermore, staff are expected to document pertinent email correspondence in FACES. Some examples of pertinent emails are:

  • A case goal change
  • A visitation plan change (parent/child, sibling, etc.)
  • A critical event
  • An important event (mother getting arrested, child running away)
  • An OHI investigation
  • A report from another team member or to the team

Staff are not expected to document each individual email in FACES, but rather document emails as a string of conversations within one contact entry. Emails that are documented in FACES will not be copied verbatim, but will be summarized. No printed emails will be kept in the case file and only in rare situations do they need to be uploaded to Document Imaging.

E-mail correspondence is open to release when a request is made for a record. Since E-mail may be released with the rest of the record, it is important that staff are careful to only include necessary and pertinent information.