Section 5, Chapter 4 (Case Record Transfer Procedures), Overview

Effective Date:  5-1-19


As a general note, records that are maintained through the document imaging system are able to be accessed by the newly assigned CD worker, including foster care case management contracted agencies. These documents do not need to be printed and mailed to any new case manager that is within the state of Missouri.

This chapter contains information about transferring cases.

Chapter 4 – Case Record Transfer Procedures

4.1 – Intact Family Transfers

4.1.1 – Intact Family Moves from County

4.1.2 – Intact Family Remains in State

4.1.3 – Intact Family Moves from State

4.2 – Child in Alternative Care

4.2.1 – Placed within State

4.2.2 – Placed out of State

4.3 – Parent of Child in Out-of-Home Care

4.3.1 – Moves within the State

4.3.2 – Moves out of State

4.4 – Change in Court Jurisdiction

4.5 – Family/Child Changes Children’s Service Worker

4.6 – Resource Home Licensure Supervision Transfer between Agencies

4.7 – Alternative Case Transfer to Subsidy/Subsequent Subsidy Case Transfer