Section 5, Chapter 4 (Case Record Transfer Procedures), Subsection 6 – Resource Home Licensure Supervision Transfer between Agencies

Effective Date:  5-1-19


When a resource home licensure supervision transfers from an agency to a different agency, the following guidelines shall be followed:

  • Both agencies involved shall be notified in writing by the resource provider of their intent to transfer agencies. The notification will be placed in the case file.
  • The new agency has the option to not accept the license supervision transfer. The new agency will provide in writing to the current agency the reason(s) for not accepting the license supervision transfer.
  • A licensing file cannot be transferred to another agency when re-licensure is due in less than three (3) months.
  • License supervision cannot be transferred while a resource home is on Administrative Hold.
  • A resource home may only transfer agencies once during a 2 year licensure/approval period.
  • The new agency shall conduct a walk through safety inspection of the home utilizing the Resource Home and Safety Checklist, CS-45 before transfer of licensing case file is accepted by the new agency.
  • All licensing requirements as outlined in Section 6 and the Foster Family Home Licensing Rules, and all documents as outlined in this Section shall be current and present in the licensing file before the resource home transfer is accepted by the new agency.
  • The current agency will compose a concluding narrative that includes a summary of the status of the home and reason for the transfer of the licensing case and place it in the case file.
  • The entire file shall be copied and the copy sent to the new agency that is to begin supervision of the resource home license.
  • The original licensing file shall remain with the agency that developed the home.
  • It is the responsibility of the new agency to collect the certificate of licensure that was associated with the previous agency, and provide the new certificate of licensure. The obsolete certificate shall be placed in the provider’s licensing file. The new certificate of licensure is to be displayed on the premises of the home per licensing rule, 13 CSR 35-60.010 (1)(C)(3).
  • The transfer of agency monitoring responsibility shall be completed within thirty (30) working days of receiving the resource provider’s written request to transfer agencies. The transfer steps include all the guidelines contained in this subsection as well as computer data entry.