Section 6, Chapter 10 (CD Employees As foster Or Adoptive Parents), Subsection 1, – (Foster Parenting)

10.1       Foster Parenting:

When a Children’s Division employee inquires about becoming a foster parent, relative or kinship provider, or is being considered for the adoption of a child through the Children’s Division, the following procedure is to be followed.

  1. CD staff may serve as foster parents for public and private agencies other than our Division.  If employees provide foster care services for another agency, they may not accept for placement a child who is in the custody of CD.  This includes emergency foster care and respite care. 

The only exceptions to this policy are:

    1. A child in the custody of CD may be placed with an employee if all parental rights have been terminated and the intent is for that employee to adopt the child. 
    2. If a child relative or child of a close friend of an employee is placed in the custody of CD, and it is in the best interest of the child to be placed with the employee.
  1. If a child under the supervision of CD is placed in the physical custody of an employee, the home study process, case management, and supervision of the case shall be addressed in the order outlined below:  


    1. The case shall be assigned to a neighboring county or a neighboring office if this occurs in a metro area, for conducting the home study and on-going case management and supervision of the case.
    2. The case may be referred through the Foster Care Case Management contract and count in the rotation as a new entry into care.
    3. A child/family specific contract may be developed with a child placing agency. Should there be a need to enter into a child/family specific contract with a child placing agency, refer the matter to the Contract Management Unit.

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