Section 6, Resource Development, Chapter 2 (Resource Provider Training)

Section 6 Overview                               

This section is developed to guide Children’s Service Workers in decision making, the provision and documentation of services to children and their families, development of community resources, and their subsequent assessment and utilization. These resources are designed to enhance and augment services to children and their families in need of preventive, protective, and out-of-home care services.

Procedures contained in this chapter incorporate assessment standards (largely based on licensing rules) which reflect the concern of the agency for those children who must live apart from their families during some part of their minority. The purpose of these standards is to protect those children from abuse, neglect, injury, and exploitation, and to assist in treatment and improved social functioning.

It is recognized that such direction cannot be all inclusive; therefore, staff will still need to exercise judgment in individual case situations. In those situations in which staff do not follow the procedures, they will be expected to document the justification for their actions in the individual case record.

With each procedure, and each step within a procedure, it may be necessary for the worker to secure supervisory assistance in order to make a decision. The procedures do not contain a reference to worker-supervisor conferences, but this joint decision-making activity is understood to be an integral part of service delivery to community resource providers.

Chapter 2 Overview

Per RSMO 210.566 the Children’s Division shall provide foster parents with regularly scheduled opportunities for pre-service training and regularly scheduled opportunities for pertinent in-service training as determined by the Missouri State Foster Care and Adoption Advisory Board.

This chapter pertains to the Foster/Adopt STARS process which is based on Foster PRIDE/Adopt PRIDE program for the pre-service training, assessment, and selection of prospective foster parents and adoptive parents. Foster PRIDE/Adopt PRIDE was developed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) in collaboration with several other states including Missouri.

Table of Contents

2.1   Mandate and Rationale

2.2   Working with Prospective Foster/Adoptive Parents

2.2.1   At-Home Consultation Meeting

2.2.2   Mutual Assessment Process

2.2.3   Family Assessment

2.3   STARS Training Objectives

            2.3.1   Specific Objectives

            2.3.2   Competencies and Learning Objectives

2.4   Pre-Service Training and STARS Competencies

            2.4.1   Pre-Service Training and Competencies

            2.4.2   Pre-Service Training

               STARS Curriculum

              STARS, Making the Commitment to Adoption Curriculum

              STARS for the Caregiver Who Knows the Child

              Pre-Service Training Process

2.5   In-Service Training

            2.5.1   Professional Family Development Plan (CD-100)

            2.5.2   In-Service Training Hours, Requirements, and Process

            2.5.3   In-Service Training Modules

2.6   Other Approved Training


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