Section 6, Resource Development, Chapter 17 (Respite Foster Care)

Section 6 Overview

This section pertains to the policy and procedures necessary when an out-of-home placement of a child is imminent or has occurred.

Chapter 17 Overview

This chapter describes the Respite Care Program.

Table of Contents

17.1   Respite Care

17.2   Types of Respite Care

17.3   Recruitment and Retention

17.3.1 Guidelines for Respite Selection

17.4   Approval Process of Respite Care Providers

17.4.1 Respite Care Provider Training

17.5   Renewal Process of Respite Care Providers

17.6   Guidelines for Use

17.7   Reimbursement for Respite Care

17.8   Respite for Youth with Elevated Needs-Level B Resource Providers

17.8.1  Level B Respite Training

17.9     Case Recording  

17.9.1  Composition

17.9.2  Initial Recording

17.9.3  Subsequent Recording

17.9.4  Documentation of Contact with Children in Division Custody

17.9.5  Documentation of Criminal History 

17.9.6  Closing Summary   

17.10   Additional Supervision Options

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