Section 6, Chapter 11 (Licensing of Resource Families Trained In Other States)

When the Division is contacted by a person who was licensed and/or trained in another state the licensing worker should conduct an initial home visit with the family and determine if they will meet other licensing criteria, i.e. structural requirements, background checks, etc. The worker should also provide the family with:


  • Criminal background checks referral;


  • Family Care Safety Registry forms; and


  • Other paperwork necessary to complete the assessment.


When it has been determined the family meets licensing criteria, a referral should be made to the Regional Director or designee to request approval to accept the training received in the other state. PRIDE and MAPP curriculums have been determined to meet the pre-service training criteria for licensure by the Division. All other curriculums are approved at the discretion of the Regional Director or designee based upon their review of the material. The referral should include documentation from the other state regarding:


  • The training curriculum attended;


  • Date the family completed the training; and


  • The family’s licensure status (if available).


The licensing worker will send a packet of information to the applicant. The packet should include:


  • Resource Provider Welcome Letter (CD-68);


  • MO Resource Parent Handbook;


  • Maintenance reimbursement rate table; and


  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) information sheet.


This packet is sent after the approval is received by the licensing worker from the Regional Director or designee. Families will receive three hours of “Other Approved Pre-Service Training” for reviewing the MO Resource Parent Handbook and one hour of in-service training for reviewing the HIPAA information sheet.


The Division’s pre-service training may be provided for any of these persons wanting to attend. It may also be required by a Regional Director or designee if, in their professional opinion, the time lapse between licensure and/or training in the other state and application with the Division is significant or there are other licensing concerns.


The process for licensing these homes will mirror the license renewal process.


NOTE: See Chapter 3 Subsection 5 of this section for more information on completing a renewal assessment.


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 CD07-60, CD14-64