Section 6, Chapter 16 (Relative Resource Home), Subsection 6, – (Options for Assisting Relatives)

16.6 Options for Assisting Relatives/Kin

  OPTION 1:     Relatives providers who wish to pursue placement of children who are currently in Children’s Division custody will be asked to complete STARS for the Caregiver Who Knows the Child training in addition to a background screening which includes fingerprints and a complete home assessment. Relative providers who complete these licensing standards are eligible for Foster Care Maintenance, clothing vouchers, daycare assistance and MO HealthNet coverage for the foster children.

 OPTION 2:     Licensed Relatives providers who are parenting children who have been determined by the Division to meet the classification of elevated behavioral or medical need and who are willing to pursue a higher level of training in order to meet the child’s needs will qualify for elevated behavioral/medical reimbursement. ICPC resource providers may be approved as an elevated needs provider and received Elevated Need Level A or medical reimbursement if they complete Elevated Needs Level A or medical equivalent training in their state of residence. To qualify for this assistance the relative must complete elevated need level A or medical training. Upon completion of this training, the relative family is eligible for a higher maintenance rate. They are also strongly encouraged to take advantage of the additional services offered by the Children’s Division for Elevated Needs Level A or Medical needs children.

 OPTION 3:     Relatives providers that are licensed with the state and who are willing to pursue adoption are eligible for an adoption subsidy including maintenance, MO HealthNet, Daycare Assistance, Legal Fees and other approved assistance according to the child’s needs.

 OPTION 4:     Qualifying licensed Relatives who obtain legal guardianship qualify for legal guardianship subsidy which includes maintenance, child care assistance, MO HealthNet, Legal Fees and other approved assistance according to the child’s needs.

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