Section 6, Chapter 17 (Respite), Subsection 2, – (Types of Respite Care)

17.2 Types of Respite Care:


  1. In-home respite care is provided in the home of the licensed resource provider a minimum of six (6) hours up to 24 hours, overnight, daily or on a weekly basis.
  2. Out-of-home respite care may include the substitute care of children a minimum of six (6) hours up to 24 hours, daily, overnight or on a weekly basis in an approved home or facility other than the current licensed resource provider’s home.  The resource worker will use the Foster Respite Care Provider Checklist, CS-RC2, to determine that the home is approved.
  3. Respite for an unlicensed relative or kinship provider is available through the Children’s Treatment Services, CTS, contract.
  4. There are occasions when a resource parent requires supervision of the foster youth placed in their home which do not meet the definition of respite. Refer to subsection 10 of this chapter.

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