Section 6, Chapter 17 (Respite), Subsection 7, – (Reimbursement for Respite Care)

17.7  Reimbursement for Respite Care

  1. Respite care services for all Legal Status 1 children will be reimbursed the appropriate rate per unit, per child’s age and level of care.      
  2. A unit of respite is a minimum of 12 hours up to 24 hours.
  3. A half unit of respite is a minimum of six (6) hours up to 12 hours.
  4. The licensed resource home shall continue to receive the regular foster care payment only while the child is in policy defined respite care units; 12 units per year or 14 units plus one weekend a month for elevated needs level B.
  5. If extenuating situations necessitate additional respite units on a case by case basis, the worker may request supervisor approval for up to 20 units of respite for a resource provider per foster youth. Approval for more than 20 units requires Regional Director or designee approval.       Documentation of the approval must be maintained by attaching it to the Respite Unit Tracking Log, CD-113, and a Payment Request.
  6. Local staff are responsible for tracking the number of units utilized by the licensed resource providers. Tracking is done on the CD-113
  7. The licensed resource provider will submit the completed Respite Provider Evaluation/Payment Invoice, CD-111, to the worker within 5 working days of receiving the respite service.
  8. The worker will process payment by the last day of the month that the service occurred in order for the payment to be timely. The worker will make only one payment entry for the respite services for the resource parent provided that month.
  9. A copy of the CD-111 will be retained in the respite care provider’s case file in the forms section.
  10. Respite Providers are eligible to receive mileage reimbursement as outlined in policy, Section 4 Chapter 12 subsection 8.

Respite Rates

(Full Unit 12-24hrs; Half Unit 6-12hrs)

Ages 0-12 Rates Per Unit

Ages 13+ Rates Per Unit

Level B Respite: 12-24 hours



Level B Respite: 6-12 hours



Traditional Respite: 12-24 hours



Traditional Respite: 6-12 hours




Please be aware that payment for respite services is reportable income to the Internal Revenue Service.  If a respite provider receives payment for providing respite services, a 1099 will be issued and sent to the respite provider. Respite providers need to work with their tax preparer to determine how it should be handled on their individual tax returns.

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