Section 6, Chapter 18 (Resource Providers Approved to Provide Elevated Needs Foster Care Services), Subsection 1 Elevated Medical Foster Care, – Sub-subsection1 (Definition)

18.1.1 Definition

 A youth in foster care with medically diagnosed extraordinary medical condition(s) and or mental or physical disabilities is eligible to be placed in a resource provider home that is contracted to provider medical foster care if the following statements regarding the foster youth is supported with documentation:

  • The youth must have a diagnosed medical, mental, or physical condition that requires twenty-four (24) hour availability of a resource provider specifically trained to meet the elevated medical needs.
  • The diagnosed condition significantly and substantially impairs the youth’s ability to function on a daily basis.
  • The youth’s diagnoses and conditions must be included on the Medical Foster Care Assessment Tool, CS-10, or a physician’s certification for medical foster care.

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