Section 6, Chapter 18 (Resource Providers Approved to Provide elevated Needs foster Care Services), Subsection 1 Elevated Medical Foster Care, – Sub-Subsection 2 (Procedure for Placement)

18.1.2 Procedure for Placement

The Children’s Service Worker will complete the Medical Foster Care Assessment Tool, CS-10, according to directions. The CS-10 is the tool used by the worker to present the medical/developmental needs of the foster youth and to refer that foster youth, through supervisory channels, for approval of placement in the home of a licensed resource provider contracted for medical foster care placements. This form should be used, in conjunction with other appropriate information, to document the youth’s eligibility for Medical Foster Care, MFC.

The worker will use their knowledge of the youth, information supplied by the birth family, the resource provider, other professionals, the foster youth, and medical documentation the worker has obtained to realistically document the needs of the foster youth. The more comprehensive the documentation, the more likely a decision can be made as to the eligibility of the foster youth.

The form shall be completed based upon the child’s disability and not his/her age.

The Medical Foster Care Referral tool, CS-10, provides two sections in which to identify eligibility for medical resource home placement;

Section II:

Section II consists of subsections A through E. If the foster youth has any one (1) condition in Section II, the foster youth qualifies for a placement in a medical resource home. Additional documentation to support the statement must be attached. Documentation will included but is not limited to the following:

  • Medical documentation of existing problems including a written statement by the foster youth’s physician or designee of the foster youth’s special needs.
  • Written documentation from other professionals (i.e., physical therapist, speech therapist, nurse) which outlines the tasks and responsibilities of the resource parents and the needs of the foster youth.
  • Prior hospitalizations specific to the condition identified.
  • List of required medical equipment and/or medication to meet the foster youth’s needs.

Section III:

Section III is completed by the referring physician. This section is only completed if the Family Support Team believes medical foster care is needed, but the foster youth did not meet any of the standards listed in section II on the CS-10. The Physician Certification Letter, CD-144, is the cover sheet for submitting the CS-10 to the treating physician. A physician’s response of “yes” with supporting documentation in section IV is sufficient for eligibility.

18.2.1 Re-evaluation

The CS-10 shall be reviewed annually regarding the status of the foster youth’s eligible conditions.

The CS-10 does not need to be reviewed if the eligibility for medical foster care was determined using only Section II subsection A, unless the medical condition has changed.

The CS-10 can be reviewed at anytime regarding the status of the foster youth’s eligible conditions if a FST member requests. 

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