Section 6, Chapter 19 (Background Checks), Subsection 2, – (Family Care Safety Registry)

6.19.2   Family Care Safety Registry

Each household member 17 years of age and older must register with the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR). This does not include foster youth. The registry is maintained by the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). It will search the following systems:

    1. CA/N records (findings of ”Preponderance of Evidence” or court adjudicated”, 
    2. Employee Disqualification List, maintained by the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS),
    3. Child-care facility licensing records maintained by DHSS,
    4. Residential living facility and nursing home records, maintained by DHSS,
    5. Employee Disqualification Registry maintained by Department of Mental Health;
    6. Foster parent licensing records, maintained by the Children’s Division (CD); and
    7. Sex Offender Registry information maintained by the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP).

The resource development worker will provide the applicant with instructions regarding the process for each adult in the household to register with the FCSR on the Internet.

Instruct the applicant to register as quickly as possible. The worker may assist the applicant with the on-line registration

If no social security card is available, the only acceptable substitute is a driver’s license (if the SSN is used as the ID number); a military ID; a MO HealtlhNet card; or the Social Security Administration (SSA) statement provided when application is made for a replacement card (as long as it has the SSN identified, the name appears on the statement and it is initialed or signed by a SSA representative).

An exception can be made for families who do not have Social Security numbers due to their religious practices (i.e. Amish). They are not required to register with the FCSR. However, a note regarding this should be documented in their record and home assessment.

Registrants (and all their adult household members) who are resource parents, respite providers, or are applying to provide those services must check the foster parent box in Section A to avoid having to pay the registration fee.

The resource development worker may telephone the FCSR at 1-866-422-6872 to make a background screening request. Generally information will be available within two weeks. An oral report will be given at the time of the call and will be followed with a written report to both the requestor and the registrant within 48 hours.

Registration with the FCSR is only required once.

When completing a background screening for re-licensure, the resource development worker can do one of the following:

    1. Access the FCSR on-line with the assigned ID and password (preferred), or
    2. Call the FCSR at 1-866-422-6872

The resource development worker obtains on-line access to the FCSR by doing the following:

        1. Go to the FCSR home page,;
        2. Click on the Forms link;
        3. Click on the How to Become a FCSR Internet User link;
        4. Click on the Internet Background Screening Access/Security Request.
        5. Return the completed document by Fax to 573-522-6981, or by mail to:

          DHSS/Family Care Safety Registry
          PO Box 570
          Jefferson City, MO 65102

In response the FCSR will assign a USER ID number to the resource development worker to be used exclusively for access to the FCSR. The USER ID and instructions on how to do the password and how to run a background screening will be faxed to the worker. This ID and password are autonomous from the worker’s current ID and passwords used for logging on to the state computer system, FACES and PROD. The password is on a 30-day expiration cycle and the worker will have to update it every thirty (30) days.

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