Section 6, Chapter 3 (Resource Family Assessment and Licensing Process), Subsection 2, – (Adoptive Family Assessment)

3.2   Adoptive Family Assessment

The Children Services Worker will receive completed application, CS-42.

  1. Complete Vendor Licensure,  Approval and Renewal screen in FACES.
  2. Applicants shall be at least 21 years of age.

Initiate action within 30 days of receipt of application by face-to-face contact or group informational meeting.

Begin assessment process by personal interview.

Discuss with applicants any questions about the release of identifying and non-identifying information about biological parents/siblings and the Adoption Information Registry.

Complete assessment of family’s readiness for adoption within six (6) months from date application received, using Section 6 Chapter 3  Subsection 8 Sub-Subsection 1.

Concentrate on Readiness for Adoptive Parenthood portion of Assessment Guide for already licensed foster parents/relative parents.

Record and recommend, within six (6) months of receipt of application, one of the following:

  1. Suspension;
  2. Approval;
  3. Denial; or
  4. Withdrawal.

Obtain applicant’s signature on Family Assessment indicating agreement; applicant retains one copy.

Approve, update, process Vendor Licensure/Approval and Renewal Screen in FACES, and obtain CW-109 and AEM-2A.  Assist family in registering with other adoption exchanges if appropriate.

Notify of fair hearing process if rejected.

Record all transactions of children presented for placement with a family and family’s acceptance or rejection of children including family’s reasons for decision.

Update adoptive family assessment at least once every two years (biannually), if no children placed, or if family is interested in additional placements.

Update, Vendor Licensure, Approval and Renewal screen in FACES.

Accept approved family assessment of an adoptive home from a private agency or another state (public or private agency) at point of application only if they have utilized our same guidelines for completion of Adoptive Family Assessments.

Contact personally and update assessment if needed.

State applicants must work with just one agency; the applicant must make the decision.

NOTE: Send written notification to family at any time family assessment is removed from active status; inform them of fair hearing process. This should be accompanied by personal contact.

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