Section 6 Chapter 3 (Resource Family Assessment and licensing Process), Subsection 8, Sub-subsection 2- (Foster/Relative Renewal Assessment Outline)

6.8.2 Foster/Relative Family Renewal Assessment Recording Outline

The Children’s Division has the option not to renew a foster home license in cases where a licensed foster home has not accepted a placement over a two-(2-) year period. 

Summary of Contacts: Include date of contact, and with whom contact was made.

Summary of Placements: Include foster/relative parent strengths and weaknesses around following issues:

  1. Children’s behaviors
  2. Relationship with birth parents
  3. Relationship with agency

Summary of Changes Since Last License Issuance: Include family’s coping to particular change:

  1. Health (mental, physical, emotional)
  2. Marital
  3. Financial/employment
  4. Family composition
  5. Own children’s behavior
  6. House move

Summary of Foster Parent Training Participation: Include dates, titles, number of hours attended, taught by whom, under whose auspices, location.

Summary of References:

  1. Highway Patrol (arrests and convictions)
  2. CA/N Central Registry
  3. Documentation of review
  4. Family Care Safety Registry report
  5. Family Support Division (FSD)
  6. School (of children currently in the home)

Evaluation: (Include compliance with licensing rules and examples of the resource parent’s implementation of Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard.)


Signature of Worker and Date Signed

Approval of Supervisor Including Signature and Date

Signature of Foster/Relative Parent and Date Signed