Section 6, Chapter 4 (Emergency Resource Homes)

4.1   Emergency Resource Homes:

The Circuit Manager, or designee, will:

  1. Develop resource homes to provide emergency placement services only to children placed in the custody of the Division (includes subsidized foster homes).
  2. Develop resources to provide emergency services under contract to Children’s Division (CD).
  3. Arrange for court facility to accept emergency placement of children in custody of CD.
  4. Develop and complete agreement on procedure for referrals.
  5. Complete Vendor Licensure/Approval and Renewal Screen in FACES.
  6. Obtain signed “Contract for the Purchase of Emergency Foster Care Services”.
  7. The Children Service Worker will maintain schedule and availability of slots in emergency homes as well as a log of children placed with emergency foster home using the Placement Report for Resource Home Record form, CD-104. Record use of home in case record every three months.

Memoranda History:

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