Section 6, Chapter 5 (Foster Home Utilization and Support), subsection 2, – (Foster Home Support)

5.2   Foster Home Support:

  1. The resource development worker who supervises the home will maintain, at a minimum, quarterly personal contact with foster parent(s) to discuss generic issues relating to fostering (not related to specific children, which would be handled by child’s worker).                   
  2. Quarterly visits are conversational allowing for the sharing of concerns as well as accomplishments and development of a mutual relationship of trust. The visits are to be used as a prompt to have meaningful conversations about pertinent issues and assure compliance with licensing requirements.
  3. Maintain availability to foster parent as an advocate or for policy clarification should the need arise.
  4. Encourage networking between foster parents by sharing lists of foster parent names and addresses, and pairing up a newly licensed foster parent with an experienced foster parent.
  5. Provide information about and encourage the use of Respite Services.
  6. Record actions taken every three months as the quarterly home visit summary.
  7. Enter required data in FACES timely to ensure timely payments.

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