Section 6, Chapter 6 (Support Groups for Resource Providers), subsection 2, – (Transracial Parenting)

6.2   Transracial Parenting

When applicant resource parent indicates an interest in parenting interracially/culturally, the Children’s Service Worker should refer the resource parent to training regarding Transracial parenting. STARS In-Service Training Module 7 is a resource that may be used to introduce resource parents to cultural competence. Curriculums are available that provide training to strengthen bicultural families.

The training curriculum should include but is not limited to:

  • Information that highlights the important issues involved in caring for a child of another race, culture, or ethnicity. Including but not limited to identity development, family issues, community resources, and more
  • Information to educate parents on what it truly means to parent a child (ren) of a different race, culture, or ethnicity
  • Strategies to help parents explore ways to prepare for parenting a child (ren) of a different race, culture, or ethnicity.

The expectation is that the training facilitator will have experience in parenting a child of a different culture. This could enrich the quality of the discussion, answer unmet needs of those currently parenting, and encourage the development of support groups.

In-service training credit for up to six (6) hours may be earned with submission of documentation that transracial parenting training was completed.

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