Section 6, Chapter 7 (Children’s Division’s Appeal Processes), subsection 4, – (Guidelines for Regional Director/Designee Children’s Division’s Grievance Letter to the Alternative Care Parent)

7.4 Guidelines for Regional Director/Designee Children’s Division’s Grievance Letter to the Alternative Care Parent

If the grievance concerns a child case management decision, the County Director / Designee and Regional Director/Designee will hold an informal meeting with the alternative care parent. After the informal meeting is held, the Regional Director must notify the alternative care parent of the decision to uphold or reverse. The following information must be included in the letter to the alternative care parent:

  1. The name of the child(ren) who is the subject of the decision;
  2. The name of the alternative care parent(s) who requested the meeting;
  3. The date the meeting was conducted;
  4. A description of the material reviewed and persons interviewed;
  5. The decision to uphold or reverse the decision citing policy and/or procedures;
  6. If the child management decision is upheld, the letter should include an explanation of how to request a review by the Regional Alternative Care Review Board (ACRB) as well as the name and address of the ACRB Liaison. A copy of the Alternative Care Grievance Review Request (CS-70) should be included. The letter should also include information that the alternative care parent should be told concerning the hearing itself:
    1. The alternative care parent must send the written request to the ACRB Liaison (usually via the CS-70) within five (5) working days;
    2. The parent may be represented by legal counsel, a representative of the parent’s own choosing, or herself / himself;
    3. The parent may be present at the hearing or may submit a written statement; and
    4. The parent may have witnesses present to provide statements about pertinent events.
  7. If the child management decision is reversed, an explanation of what Division staff will do to reflect the reversal.