Section 6, Chapter 7 (Children’s Division’s Appeal Processes), Subsection 7, – (Guide for Conducting a Review of a Resource Home)

7.7 Guide for Conducting a Review of a Resource Home

 The Regional Director/Designee will be responsible for causing a formal review of a resource home when there is a substantiated determination of child abuse/neglect involving the resource home and/or there are serious infractions of licensing regulations. The purpose of the review is to determine the continued use or licensure of the resource home. The provider may be placed on Administrative Hold status with a corrective action/support plan implemented and no other children placed in the home until the issue is resolved. In keeping with Child Welfare Practice, the reviews need to be strength-based and focused on the best interest of the child. The outcome of the review may result in moving forward with adverse action of the home which will begin the Fair Hearing process as outlined in this section.


The review of the resource home should occur within 30 calendar days following receipt of CA/N records or notice of licensing violation.


  1. Resource Parents and support individual of their choice.
  2. The Review Teams should include:
    1. Non-CD members-One designated as the “Team Leader” or Moderator;
    2. Licensing Supervisor and/or Supervisor III;
    3. A third party such as:
      • Staff (including supervisors) from other program areas and/or counties;
      • Teaching resource parent; or
      • Currently licensed veteran resource parent.

3. Presenters may include:

    1. CA/N investigator;
    2. Worker of the child(ren) in the resource home;
    3. Resource Home Licensing Worker; and
    4. Other individuals as needed.

A written review summary and recommendations will be submitted to the Regional Director for review and approval. One of the following two conclusions will result:

    1. Issue resolved and the Regional Director or designee approved review summary placed in the administrative section of the resource license file; or
    2. Issue not resolved; therefore, proceed with the Fair Hearing Process as outlined in Section 3 Chapter 7.
  1. Written Review Summary Outline

The following outline should be followed when creating the written review summary:

  1. Concern(s) prompting formal review: Include date(s) of reported concern(s), specific information about the concern(s), and reference any OHI reports.
  2. Contact(s) with the resource provider(s) regarding the concern(s): Include dates, type of contact and individual contacted.
  3. Status of foster placements: Include information regarding if the foster placements are removed. If not removed, identify the safety plan.
  4. Begin date for Administrative Hold: The date entered in FACES.
  5. Date of formal review:
  6. Participants: Name of participants and their role or position.
  7. Conclusion/Recommendations:
  8. Resource licensing worker signature:
  9. Supervisor signature:
  10. Regional Director/Designee signature:

Memoranda History:

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