Section 6, Chapter 9 (Out of County Home Assessment), Subsection 1, – (Out-of-County Home Assessment)

9.1   Out-of-County Home Assessment:

  1. The Children’s Service Worker, in originating county, shall decide when an out county home assessment is needed for adoptive family, foster family, relative or birth parent residing in another county.
  2. Submit Out of County Home Assessment Request , CD-174, to the Circuit Manager or designee for review, approval and forwarding to the receiving county, include the following material:
    1. Child Social Summary and available evaluations of child involved
    2. NCFAS G+R and attachments
    3. Initial Child Abuse/Neglect Background Information on adults in the potential resource home
    4. Applicable court orders
    5. Preliminary Criminal Background Screening
    6. Summary of case history
    7. current written service agreement, if applicable
    8. Any specifically requested information to be included in study, and
    9. Sending worker’s email address and direct phone number.
  3. Submit the request to the receiving County. The Children’s Service Worker in originating county is required to do a follow up contact with the receiving county to verify receipt of request and answer any additional concerns or questions.
  4. The Children’s Service Worker in the receiving county shall begin by setting up a case record.
    1. The record shall be a family resource case for resource provider assessments. (adoptive, foster family or relative). The Vendor Application Screen in FACES will be entered, and
    2. The record shall be a protective service case for a child’s parent and a Family-Centered Services case will be opened in FACES.         
  5. The receiving county Children’s Service Worker shall contact the family and explain the purpose of the study.
  6. Return the form CD-174 if the family refuses to cooperate with the request or if the family is already approved/licensed. The CD-174 and all supporting documentation are submitted to the originating county.
  7. Arrange for interviews and other contacts to complete family assessment. Follow procedures for foster/relative assessment, adoptive assessment, or for case assessment for protective service clients if a parent case. Compile pertinent and required information in written report and submit form CD-174 and study to originating county with recommendations.
  8. The completed CD-174 and study should be sent to the originating county within 60 days of receipt of the request, unless otherwise specified on the CD-174.
  9. The Children’s Service Worker in originating county shall receive and review assessment and recommendations and shall decide to place or not place the child. In some situations, the Children’s Service Worker from the receiving county may be invited to the Family Support Team Meeting. The Children’s Service Worker will notify the receiving county, in writing, of decision to initiate plan for placement or close study record if no placement will be made.
  10. Please refer to Section 4, Chapter 2, Subsection 2  for placement of a child in a different circuit or placement of a child in a different circuit when it is after hours.

Memoranda History:

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