Section 6, Chapter 9 (Out of County Home Assessment), Subsection 2, – (Guidelines for Limitations in Providing Family Assessments)

6.9.2  Guidelines For Limitations In Providing Family Assessments:

  1. Family assessment services are to be provided, upon receipt of a written request, in the following instances, although efforts should be made to direct these requests to private agencies.
    1. In behalf of a child classified as homeless, dependent and neglected and in the custody of a public agency in another state when that agency is contemplating the use of an out-of-home care resource in Missouri such as adoptive care, foster family care, or relative care family care; or that agency is considering placing the child with a birth parent residing in Missouri.
    2. In behalf of a child under the jurisdiction of a court in Missouri when the court has ordered such an assessment.
    3. In behalf of a child under the jurisdiction of an Indian Tribal Court.
  2. Family assessments will not be provided in the following instances:
    1. Requests made by private individuals, attorneys, physicians or ministers;
    2. Requests received from courts in other states for divorce/custody purposes;
    3. Requests made by courts in other states in behalf of a child who has violated a law or is classified as a status offender (i.e., runaway, habitual school absence or habitual disobedience of parents); and
    4. Requests related to importing a child from a foreign country for the purpose of adoption.

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