Section 8, Chapter 2 (Personnel), Subsection 1 – Conflict of Interest and Preferential Treatment

(Effective:  05/01/19)

2.1   Conflict Of Interest And Preferential Treatment

The Children’s Division prohibits the steering of or directing referrals of persons served by the Division to a private practice or contracted provider, in which the personnel, consultants or the immediate relatives of CD employees or past CD employees are engaged. This policy is put forth to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.  It is permissible to include such personnel, consultants and their agencies on referral lists, but no referral shall be made exclusively due to current or past personal relationships

The Children’s Division prohibits preferential treatment of members of designated authorities with policymaking functions, advisory boards, personnel, private practices, contracted providers or consultants in applying for and receiving the Children’s Division services.

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