Section 8, Chapter 7 (Contracted Services) – Overview

(Effective:  05/01/19)

Chapter 7 Overview

This chapter outlines procedures for utilizing contracted providers and services for the Children’s Division (CD).

Table of Contents

7.1 Transportation Service Contract

7.2 Children’s Treatment Services (CTS)

            7.2.1    Therapeutic Services

            7.2.2    Non-Therapeutic Services

            7.2.3   Intensive In-Home Services and Family Reunification Contracts

               Intensive In-Home Services

               Intensive Family Reunification Services Contract

            7.2.4    Crisis Funds Disbursement Contract

            7.2.5    Language Translation and Interpretive Services for People with Hearing Loss Contracts

            7.2.6    Interpretative and Counseling Services for the Deaf

            7.2.7    Transportation Contract

            7.2.8    Statewide Drug Testing Contract

            7.2.9    Paternity Testing Contract

  7.2.10  Medical Examinations (SAFE Network and Other Medical Examinations)

 7.2.11  Legal Fees

 7.2.12  Paying for Medical Records

7.3 Protective Services Childcare

7.4 Children’s Treatment Services Catalog