Section 8, Chapter 5 (Facilities Management), Subsection 1 – Building Inspections

(Effective:  01/06/21)

5.1   Building Inspections

Inspections shall be conducted monthly (at least every thirty days) at every building owned or leased by the Children’s Division (CD). Monthly inspections shall include a review of the physical plant’s fire extinguishers, fire safety, lighting, and other systems that identify hazardous conditions:

  • CD staff members will conduct the monthly inspections utilizing the Children’s Division Office Safety Checklist, CD-210. Each Circuit Manager shall designate a CD staff member to conduct inspections in all office buildings in his/her circuit. Designated individuals are responsible for conducting monthly inspections of the CD work environment (if the CD staff are in a separate location from other divisions within the same building) or of the entire building (if the CD staff are embedded within other units).
  • Designated CD staff members shall conduct annual inspections using the Office of Administration’s Office Safety Checklist (MO 886-4699) (Employee Access Only).  
  • Designated CD staff members shall place each original, completed CD210 form and MO 886-4699 form in a three-ring binder labeled, Safety Inspections, and they shall give a copy of each form to their Circuit Managers. Designated CD staff members shall sign and date the completed CD210 form and MO 886-4699 form upon completion of each inspection.  
  • Designated CD staff members shall report the discovery of safety hazards to their Building Managers who will ensure that corrective action is taken.
  • Building Managers are generally Family Support Division (FSD) County Managers in the north and south regions.
  • Monthly inspections will not replace annual safety inspections for which the Division of General Services is responsible per Department of Social Services (DSS) Administrative Policy 3-300 (Employee Access Only). The Office Services Coordination (OSC) Unit that serves the entire department will continue to conduct its annual inspections of all CD buildings.