Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) Manual

1805.015.00 Social Security Number

IM-#75 July 7, 2021; IM-#47 May 12, 2017; IM-#13 February 1, 2017; IM-#97 November 9, 2015

Section 1902(a) of the Social Security Act requires individuals to apply for and provide a Social Security Number (SSN) to the Family Support Division (FSD) as a condition of eligibility for MO HealthNet.

This requirement does not apply to:

  • Parents or children included in the household who are not requesting benefits;
  • the applicant / participant’s spouse, unless assistance has been requested for the spouse;
  • the parents of a disabled child;
  • newborns born to women with active Title XIX coverage at the time of the baby’s birth; or
  • aliens seeking MO HealthNet for the treatment of an emergency medical condition

Obtain a SSN for all individuals including children under one requesting benefits at the time of the initial application whenever possible. Accept self-attestation for verification of SSN.

An exception may be given to applicants who:

  • are not eligible to receive an SSN;
  • do not have an SSN and may only be issued an SSN for a valid non-work reason in accordance with applicable law 20 C.F.R. 422.104; or
  • do not have, or do not agree to apply for, a SSN due to a well-established religious belief. A well-established religious belief means that the applicant is a member of and abides by the belief of the religious organization. Self-attestation is accepted unless it is questionable.

Note: A person cannot be denied services in the event the issuance or verification of an SSN is delayed due to SSA.

If an individual has a SSN but does not know it, provide a Request for Information (IM-31A) and allow ten days to provide the SSN.

Note: When an individual attests to having a SSN but fails to provide it to FSD, the individual should be rejected after the IM-31A Request for Information expires. Do not allow Reasonable Opportunity (RO) in this situation.

If the applicant is required to provide an SSN and does not already have one, he/she must apply for a number as a condition for program eligibility. FSD will assist the individual in making an application for SSN. Ensure the participant understands:

  • FSD is limited to using the participant’s SSN to verify income from other federal sources, and to verify other eligibility data from required sources; and
  • FSD is obligated to request the SSN under the authority of Section 1902 (a) of the Social Security Act

Note: FSD should assist in completing the SS-5 and mailing it to the SSA Office whenever necessary. The applying individual MUST sign the SS-5 prior to being submitted to the SSA Office.

Note: Whenever the completed SS-5 form is mailed to the SSA Office by FSD on behalf of the individual applying for an SSN, provide the individual with a copy of the completed SS-5 prior to mailing it to the SSA Office.

Note: Inform the individual the SSA Office requires, and may request from them, original documents (i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) when making application for a SSN.

    • The completed and signed form must be either mailed or brought into the nearest SSA Office.

Note: To find local Social Security Office for the individual applying for an SSN, go to the Social Security website and utilize the Social Security Office Locator tool. Use this tool when determining which office to direct the individual or to mail the SS-5 for the individual.

Enter a comment providing details on how FSD assisted with the application for an SSN, when the SSN application was made, etc.

Allow reasonable opportunity for persons requesting benefits who do not have an SSN. Refer to manual section 1805.000.05 Reasonable Opportunity.

Note: The application for SSN from the Social Security Administration office must be received prior to allowing the 90 day Reasonable Opportunity period. Providing the individual with the SS-5 does not meet the requirement for proof of application for SSN, nor does an SS-5 completed by the individual. The individual must provide proof that they have made application through the Social Security Administration Office.

Missouri Rule 13 CSR 40-2.260 provides that Newborns born to women with active Title XIX coverage at the time of the baby’s birth continue to be eligible for Newborn coverage up to age one whether or not they have an SSN on file with FSD.

Note: Review MAGI Manual 1860.010.00 Eligibility for a list of MHN Programs that are Title XIX. Please refer to Appendix H ME Codes Chart.

Within 60 days of Newborns (babies born to women actively receiving Title XIX coverage on the baby’s date of birth) turning one year old, a review of their coverage will be completed. Any missing case information, along with SSN, should be obtained at that time.

Note: The 90 day Reasonable Opportunity (RO) period does not apply to Newborns during their first year of life when born to women born with Title XIX coverage at the baby’s birth. These babies are automatically eligible from the date of birth until their first birthday regardless if FSD has been provided with the baby’s SSN.

When FSD has not been provided with the Newborn’s SSN by the baby’s first birthday, send an IM-31A Request for Information requesting the SSN. If the SSN is not provided, the baby cannot continue to receive any MO HealthNet programs after the first birthday.

If application for an SSN has been made for the Newborn, but the participant has not yet received the SSN by the baby’s first birthday, allow the participant the 90 day RO period to supply the number.

Applications for children under age 1 (MHK under 1) whose mother was not active Title XIX coverage on the baby’s date of birth are not automatically eligible for Newborn coverage during the first year of life. Request the baby’s SSN by sending the IM-31A when processing the application for MHK under 1.

Note: The 90 day RO period may be allowed if the application for the baby’s SSN has been made but not received by the family. Request proof of the application for the baby’s SSN by sending the IM-31A. Once proof is provided, allow the 90 day RO period.

Refer to MAGI Manual section, 1805.000.05 Reasonable Opportunity.