1805.040.00 Cooperation in Pursuit of Medical Support

1805.040.10.25 Cooperation and Referral to Child Support When Adding Children to an Active Case

IM-97 November 9, 2015

When a child is added to an active MO HealthNet case submit a CS-201 to FSD-CS even if the child has the same non-custodial parent as another child who is already active on the case. Use the CS-201 to inform FSD-CS of the addition of the child and any new information on the non-custodial parent.

It is a requirement to complete and return the CS-201, or the parent/caretaker must call the eligibility specialist to provide the non-custodial parent information. Even if the parent/caretaker fails to provide the necessary information on the non-custodial parent, add the child to the case.  Refer to section 1805.040.10.20 Sanctions for Non-cooperation for sanctioning procedures.