1805.040.00 Cooperation in Pursuit of Medical Support

1805.040.10.20 Sanctions for Non-cooperation

IM-33 March 29, 2022; IM-04 January 4, 2018; IM-46 July 15, 2016; IM-97 November 9, 2015

When a parent/non-parent caretaker relative (caretaker relative) fails to cooperate with Child Support (CS) in obtaining medical support and good cause does not exist, the parent/caretaker relative is sanctioned. Sanctioning a parent/caretaker relative ends his/her MO HealthNet (MHN) eligibility.

NOTE: Only parents and caretaker relatives can be sanctioned. Do not sanction children.

CS determines if the parent/caretaker relative has cooperated or if a sanction should be imposed. If a sanction should be imposed, CS will notify Income Maintenance (IM), and if good cause does not exist, IM sanctions the parent/caretaker relative’s MHN eligibility. CS will also notify IM if a sanction should be lifted.

NOTE: IM determines if good cause exists; refer to 1805. Determining Good Cause.

MAGI Processing Centers must have a process to identify and distribute CS requests to appropriate staff, and to ensure action is taken within ten (10) days to impose or lift the sanction on the parent/caretaker relative’s MHN eligibility.

When a parent/caretaker relative fails to cooperate, CS will notify IM when to impose a MHN sanction due to non-cooperation in pursuit of medical support. IM must act on the sanction request within ten (10) days of receipt of the request.

Follow adverse action procedures prior to imposing the sanction. If a hearing is requested within the adverse action period:

  • Do not take action until the hearing has been conducted and a decision is rendered
  • Allow the parent/caretaker relative to continue to receive the current level of benefits until the hearing decision is rendered

When a parent/caretaker relative cooperates, CS sends a request to IM to lift a MHN sanction. Follow appropriate procedures to end the sanction and reactivate the parent/caretaker relative’s MHN eligibility within ten (10) days if they remain otherwise eligible for MHN.