1860.000.00 Newborn – Automatic MO HealthNet Eligibility

1860.010.05 Adding the Newborn

IM-17 February 6, 2018IM-152 November 30, 2017IM-125 December 31, 2013

Approve the child for MO HealthNet within ten (10) days of being notified the child has been born to an eligible MO HealthNet participant.

NOTE: The child’s birth must be reported prior to adding the newborn to a household.

Newborn coverage does not require an application being filed on the child’s behalf and does not require an eligibility determination for the child. To add a newborn, obtain the following:

  • Head of the household’s name and Departmental Client Number (DCN)
  • Mother’s name and DCN
  • Child’s:
    • DCN, if applicable
    • legal name
    • date of birth
    • race
    • gender
    • tax filing status
    • tax filing relationships
    • legal/family relationships

If the newborn’s full name is not available, it is permissible to use Baby Boy or Baby Girl as the child’s first name. However, it is preferable to determine the legal name before using Baby Boy or Baby Girl to lessen the possibility of duplicate DCNs.

Identity of the child is considered verified by the parent or guardian’s self-attestation for children ages newborn to, but not including, age 16.

When notified of a birth, approve the child for the appropriate program beginning on the child’s date of birth.