Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) Manual

1880.015.00 Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Annual Renewal

IM-137 November 20, 2017

Federal guidance provided in 42 CFR 457.343 states that Annual Renewal procedures for MO HealthNet Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP), should be reviewed in the same manner as Annual Renewals for other MAGI Family MO HealthNet (MHN) categories.

However, when completing an Annual Renewal on a CHIP case, review information needed to renew CHIP eligibility, including access to private or employer sponsored insurance.

EXAMPLE: Jacobi’s children are on CHIP 74 and are due for an Annual Renewal. Jacobi’s Annual Renewal is completed automatically. The electronic data sources confirm Jacobi’s circumstances have not changed. The CHIP affordability calculator is run and it is determined no affordable insurance exists. A Request for Information (IM-31A) is sent to Jacobi to clarify if there have been any updates to health insurance for the children; if any new private or employer sponsored insurance coverage began since last contact, or if there is now access to employer sponsored insurance.

Refer to MAGI Manual section, 1840.000.00 MO HealthNet Children’s Health Insurance Program, when determining eligibility for a CHIP level MHN category.