Family MO HealthNet (MAGI)

1885.020.00 UNABLE TO LOCATE

IM-#151, November 28, 2017IM-#90, July 11, 2017

When an individual is unable to locate, his/her MO HealthNet eligibility ends. Unable to locate can be determined by returned mail from the Post Office.

The Post Office must mark the returned mail one of the following to be determined Unable to Locate:

  • Unable to Locate,
  • No Forwarding Address, or
  • Forwarding Address Expired

When returned mail is received, review sources available to FSD, such as FAMIS, for a current address or telephone number. Attempt phone contact with the household to confirm their residency and mailing address.

Notification from the Post Office – 42 CFR 431.213(d) provides an exception to the 10 day Adverse Action (IM-80) period when the individual’s whereabouts are unknown and the Post Office returns agency mail. Send an Action Notices (IM-33C) notifying the individual the case has been closed because they are unable to locate.

Missouri residency is a condition of eligibility; MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women (MPW) and Newborn cases are not be treated differently when the individual moves out of state or is unable to locate.

NOTE: A Newborn (a child born to a women who was covered by a Title XIX MO HealthNet program at the child’s date of birth) that moves out of Missouri and then move back within his/her first year of life, must have Newborn coverage reopened. Income does not have to be reviewed. The Newborn is guaranteed coverage for the first year of life when he/she is a resident of Missouri.