Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual


IM-111 November 1, 2021; IM-137 November 21, 2005

The eligibility system is the electronic case record. Information recorded on paper forms must be recorded in comments in the eligibility system if it is not contained on a specific screen. The electronic case file must contain enough information that it can stand up in a hearing and support decisions made by the eligibility system and/or staff. Comments are recorded to provide additional information, to clarify information entered in the eligibility system, and to support any action taken on a case. A comment is needed in the following situations, including, but not limited to:

  • Recording Interview, identity, IMES and IIVE at each application
  • Recording about any items in the electronic case file (correspondence with the household, verification received, etc.) or action taken outside the system (such as appointment letters or requests for contact sent to the household)
  • Recording information at appropriate detail screens
  • Including sources of verification and any other information needed to explain the data entered on a screen
  • Recording any information not contained on the details screens
  • Recording any off-line decisions not tracked by the eligibility system
  • Recording when the actions/information in the system are not self-explanatory
  • Recording management when expenses exceed income (see 1115.090.00 Management for more information)
  • Recording when information is ambiguous or questionable
  • Recording when actions are taken that are different from the recommended action by the eligibility system (EXAMPLE – The eligibility system suggests an approval of benefits, but the household wishes to withdraw the application)
  • Recording why benefits are issued via WIBCA and what information is used
  • Recording what information is used on the WIBCA claim budget

For more specific instruction on when to record a comment and what to include in the comment, refer to FAMIS Resources.