Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1102.015.50 Questionable Information

IM-#137 November 21, 2005

Prior to certification, verify any questionable information. Questionable information would be information provided by the EU that is inconsistent with other information available.

Examples of questionable information are as follows:

  • if an applicant states on the application for benefits that they do not have a checking account and later produces a checkbook to list an expense, their statement is inconsistent with other information provided (the checkbook),
  • if the EU’s has very low or zero income, which is less than their monthly expenses. Management needs to be explored and a comment recorded on the Eligibility Unit Member Role (EUMEMROL) screen.

Refer to 1102.005.25 Inconsistent Information for specific instructions for acceptable verification and recording comments.