1105.000.00 Non-financial Eligibility Requirements

1105.010.10 Eligible Immigrants

IM-103 October 4, 2004; IM-56 April 18, 2003; IM-142 November 6, 1998

After the immigrant is determined to be a qualified immigrant (see 1105.010.05 Qualified Immigrants), he or she must be eligible to receive food stamp benefits by meeting a qualifying condition such as disability, date entered the United States, length in the United States, work history in the United States, etc. Under each eligible immigrant category are the additional conditions that group must meet in order to receive food stamp benefits.

If any individual is not a U.S. citizen, the non-citizen/immigrant information is captured on the Non-Citizen Information (FMML) screen. Record the date of entry, status, and status begin date. The status begin date is the date the individual gained that particular status. If verification is not provided, leave the document type and verification fields blank. FAMIS pends the application until proper documentation is provided and entered.