1105.010.00 Citizenship and Immigrant Status

1105.010.15.15 Non-USCIS Documentation

IM-56 June 6, 2023; IM-61 June 27, 2007

If non-USCIS documentation is accepted as reasonable evidence of immigration status, photocopy the evidence and transmit it to USCIS for verification using the SAVE Additional Verification procedures. Review policy 1105.010.12 Verifying Immigrant Status.

FSD cannot deny or delay a household’s application on the basis of immigration status while pursuing additional verification procedures. In the event of a delayed SAVE return, staff should determine whether the non-citizen applicant(s) is eligible for expedited benefits.

If eligible for expedited benefits, staff must approve benefits pending verification of immigration status consistent with expedited processing standards and follow policy 1125.030.00 Postponed Verifications. If FSD subsequently determines that a non-citizen applicant is not in an eligible status, the agency must take appropriate action.

Written consent from the claimant to submit the non-USCIS documentation to USCIS is not needed.