1105.000.00 Non-financial Eligibility Requirements

1105.035.45 After Regaining Eligibility

IM-138 November 20, 2017; IM-100 November 19, 2015; IM-94 October 19, 2015; IM-32 June 16, 2014

If an ABAWD who has regained eligibility, stops meeting the 18- through 49-year-old work requirement the ABAWD may receive benefits for an additional three-month period in 36 months. The additional three months:

  • Applies only to ABAWDs who regained eligibility but are no longer complying with a work requirement.
  • Is available only once in a 36-month period.
  • The additional three months run consecutively.
    • Regardless of whether an individual does or does not meet the work requirements during the additional three-month period i.e. an individual obtains new employment in the second or third month.
    • Whether or not the individual receives benefits during all three months.
  • Begins when the ABAWD:
    • Currently receiving benefits is no longer complying with a work requirement; or
    • Whose Food Stamp case is closed, reapplies, and receives benefits after regaining eligibility.

    EXAMPLE: Ms. W. is an ABAWD who received Food Stamp benefits for three non-work months. Her Food Stamp case closed.

    After her Food Stamp case closed, she obtained full-time employment working 40 hours per week. Ms. W. worked for 11 months before being terminated from her job.

    After losing her job, she reapplied for Food Stamps. A review of Ms. W’s work hours shows that she regained eligibility for Food Stamp benefits as she worked over 80 hours in the first 30 days of her employment which began 11 months earlier.

    Provided she is otherwise eligible for Food Stamp benefits, Ms. W. is eligible to receive three-consecutive months while not meeting the Training/Work requirement. Because she has not been receiving Food Stamps, her three-months will start with her current application.

Following the additional three-month period, if the otherwise eligible ABAWD meets the 18- through 49-year-old Training/Work requirement each month, s/he is eligible to receive Food Stamp benefits. If the individual does not meet the 18- through 49-year-old Training/Work requirement again, s/he is no longer eligible. If the individuals are no longer meeting the Training/Work requirements, they will not be able to regain eligibility in the 36-month period as they have used their additional three months.