1105.000.00 Non-financial Eligibility Requirements

1105.040.05 Providing and Verifying SSNs

IM-11 March 18, 2014; IM-27 March 19, 2004

If an individual has more than one SSN, the applicant must provide all the numbers.

If an EU member does not have a number or cannot provide his/her number, explain the SSN application or replacement procedures to the applicant. The Referral for Social Security Application (SSN-1) is completed for individuals who need to apply for an SSN.

The EU member must provide verification that an application for SSN has been made. Persons must apply for an SSN by the date specified on the referral, unless good cause exists. Allow the applicant at least 15 days to apply for an SSN. If the SSN-1 form is completed by SSA showing an application for SSN was completed, it is verification of the application. The EU can also provide other verification of the application for SSN.

Do not delay the certification process pending SSN verification.

Once the EU provides the SSN, enter the SSN in the common area and enter the verification code on the SSN Information (FMAS) screen. FSD sends a file to SSA to verify all SSNs entered. If the SSN is verified by SSA, the verification code is updated to SY (system) by FAMIS.

See Food Stamp Manual section 1105. Eligibility Determinations for Failure to Provide/Decline to Declare SSN for budgeting when a person fails to provide or declines to provide a SSN.