Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual – Table of Contents

1105.015.04.05 Individuals

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  • An individual who:
    • lives alone and purchases and prepares food for home consumption;
    • lives with others but customarily purchases food and prepares meals for home consumption separate and apart from the others;
    • is eligible for delivered meals and/or communal dining program;
    • lives at a residential treatment program authorized by FNS and receives meals through such program (refer to FS Manual section 1135.005.15 Residents of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers).
    • lives with others but is unable to purchase and prepare meals because he/she is disabled. The individual must be:
      • 60 years of age or older and receiving SSA based on permanent disability, or
      • 60 years of age or older determined by the Medical Review Team (MRT) to have a non-disease related permanent disability.
      • NOTE:  The countable income of the others with whom the individual resides:
        • cannot exceed 165 percent of the poverty level; and
        • is the gross income of the others with whom the individual resides determined as if they were applying to participate in the Food Stamp Program.
165% of Poverty Level
EU Size Maximum Gross Income
Each additional +$616  
1 $1,755
2 $2,371
3 $2,987
4 $3,603
5 $4,219
6 $4,835
7 $5,451
8 $6,067
9 $6,683
10 $7,299