1115.000.00 Income

1115.015.75 WIA Income

IM-55 July 21, 2009; IM-81 August 31, 2006

Exclude income received for any of the following WIA activities:

  • work experience (Type EI – Source J2);
  • earnings from on-the-job training under Title I for those individuals under age 19, whether in school or not, under the parental control of another adult EU member (Type EI – Source J1 – enter a “Y” in the Under Parental Control field on the Income (FMX0) screen);
  • cash or in-kind assistance for supportive services, such as transportation, health care, child care, meals, etc. (Type UI – Source J7);
  • Job Corps living allowance/allotment (Type UI – Source JA) and Job Corps training related expenses (Type UI – Source JT)
  • school tuition (Type ED – Source JS).