Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1120.005.00 Availability of Applications

IM-27 May 1, 2014; IM-98 November 12, 2013; IM-29 March 19, 2012; IM-78 August 25, 2004; IM-27 March 19, 2004

Any individual, group or organization can apply for Food Stamp benefits without question. FSD shall support program access to all applicants by providing the application same day as needed (by mail, in lobby, etcetera). Each application packet must contain the following:

  • FS-1 Application for Benefits
  • IM-31F Applying for Food Stamp benefits

NOTE: If the applicant’s language proficiency is not English, provide the applicant with translated materials (as available) from the intranet.