Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual


IM-#50 June 4, 2007,  IM-#27 March 19, 2004, IM-219 December 17, 2001

EUs making an initial application, who are eligible for food stamps, and meet any one of the expedited criteria are qualified for expedited service:

  • EUs, including those considered categorically eligible, with less than $150 in monthly gross income AND liquid resources not exceeding $100 (i.e., cash on hand, checking or savings accounts, savings certificates, and lump sum payments);
  • EUs with a combined monthly gross income and liquid resources less than monthly shelter costs; or
  • destitute migrant or seasonal farm worker EUs provided liquid resources do not exceed $100.
  • NOTE: EUs other than migrant or seasonal farm worker EUs cannot be classified as destitute.