1130.000.00 Certification Procedures

1130.035.05 Categorically Eligible EUs

IM-#34 April 25, 2018IM-#47 September 10, 2014IM-82 September 13, 2013IM-24 February 21, 2006,  IM-69 July 14, 2004,  IM-#26 March 19, 2004 IM-#57 May 21, 2002,  IM-#5 January 7, 2000

Consider EUs with all members eligible for Supplementary Security Income (SSI), Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB), Supplemental Payments (SP), and/or Temporary Assistance, or any member receiving or authorized to receive special support services as categorically eligible. Do not test against gross and net income limits.

NOTE:  If a prorated allotment is less than $10 no issuance is made.

FAMIS rejects or closes categorically eligible EUs of three or more persons whose income exceeds the categorically eligible issuance table maximums.