1135.035.00 Categorical Eligibility (CE)

1135.035.05.05 CE Household Determination (Temporary Assistance/SSI/SAB/SP/Special Support Services)

IM-19 April 18, 2016; IM-33 June 24, 2014; IM-24 February 21, 2006; IM-192 October 23, 2001; IM-05 January 7, 2000

Consider EUs containing ineligible immigrants, ineligible students, or a household member disqualified for non-compliance with work requirements, as categorically eligible if they meet the CE requirements.

Do not consider an EU categorically eligible if it includes a:

  • Person(s)disqualified for an Intentional Program Violation (IPV);
  • Person(s) disqualified for one of the following program violations:
    • felony drug conviction;
    • convicted of trafficking Food Stamp benefits of $500 or more;
    • found to have made a fraudulent statement or representation about identity or residence in order to receive multiple benefits simultaneously; or
    • convicted of transacting food stamp benefits for firearms.
  • Head of EU who has received a TA sanction for non-compliance with work requirements; or
  • Head of EU who is institutionalized. Residents of institutions jointly applying for SSI and FS may be determined eligible for SSI prior to release from the institution. These individuals cannot be categorically eligible until released from the institution.

If any of the following criteria is questionable, obtain verification to establish categorical eligibility. The EU must:

  • meet the definition of an EU, and
  • contain only Temporary Assistance, SSI, SAB and/or SP participants; or
  • contain a member who is receiving or authorized to receive special support services listed in Section¬†1135.035.00¬†Categorical Eligibility (CE).

The policy for categorical eligibility applies even if the EU members are in different Temporary Assistance, SSI, SAB, SP, or special support services assistance groups.