1140.000.00 Simplified Reporting

1140.005.20 Increasing Benefits

IM-52 May 30, 2013; IM-48 July 15, 2010; IM-36 April 22, 2010; IM-35 May 14, 2008; IM-80 August 27, 2004; IM-14 January 23, 2003

Take action on any reported or known change that increases benefits to a household. Obtain sufficient information/verification as needed.

  • If verification is required (income (see 1140.005.40 Changes to Income), medical expenses, etc.) but is not provided, do not take the action to increase the benefits and do not close the case.
  • If verification is not required (shelter expenses, child care expenses, etc.), authorize the action to increase benefits.

Additional benefits must be issued no later than the first allotment available ten days after the date the change was reported. Increased benefits are issued for each month beginning with the month the change is entered in the eligibility system.

EXAMPLE: On August 15th, a household reports a $30 decrease in income. Since the normal availability date for the household is September 10th, we are required to increase the September allotment or request supplemental benefits for September. (If the change is entered the eligibility system in August, additional benefits are issued for August.)

If the same decrease in income is reported on August 28th, and the normal availability date is September 1st, we are required to increase the household’s allotment by the October issuance. (Additional benefits are issued beginning with the month the change is entered. For this example, if the change is entered in August or September in the eligibility system, then additional benefits will be issued for those months.)