Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1140.005.40 Changes to Income

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When an EU reports a change in income enter the information on the appropriate screen in FAMIS. Obtain verification that is needed. Refer to Food Stamp Manual section 1102.025.00 Verification Required for Reported Changes.

If sufficient information is not provided that can be entered in the appropriate screen in FAMIS, send an FA-331 Request for Contact (RFC) form to the EU allowing 10 days to make contact. Record the date the FA-331 RFC was sent on the Eligibility Unit Member Role (EUMEMROL/FM3Z) screen. Refer to the Changes in Income Flowchart for additional information.

Individual Makes Contact

Enter the information on the appropriate screen. Take the following action, depending on whether verification is provided or required.

  • If verification is required and provided:
    • Enter the appropriate verification code.
  • If verification is not provided and:
    • Verification is required for Food Stamps:
      • Do not enter a verification code.
      • Send a Request for Information (FA-325) notifying the EU of the information needed to determine eligibility. FAMIS gives the EU at least ten days to provide the requested information.
        • If the requested verification is provided, enter the appropriate code.
        • If partial verification is provided within the ten day period, a second Request for Information (FA-325) must be sent to the client. The FA-325 form must be manually generated and fields populated with specific detail as to what is still needed from the participant.
        • If the verification is not provided when the FA-325 expires, an Adverse Action Notice (FA-510), is generated.
          • If the change resulted in an increase in benefits and verification is not provided, void the Food Stamp adverse action and do not increase the benefits.
          • If the change requires verification for a reason other than to increase benefits, authorize the adverse action and closing.
    • Verification is not required for Food Stamps (income change is less than $50 and the source has not changed, claimed income exceeds 130% of poverty, etc.):
      • Enter CS (client statement) in the verification field
    • Verification is not required for Food Stamps, but is required for another program (resources for the TANF program, etc.):
      • Enter CS (client statement) in the verification field; the other program will pend for verification.
      • Send a FA-325 notifying the EU of the information needed to determine eligibility. FAMIS gives the EU at least ten days to provide the requested information.
      • Authorize the action on the Food Stamp case; do not wait for the verification to be provided for the other program.

When information is entered, FAMIS determines if the EU’s income exceeds 130% of poverty for the EU size and recommends an action.

  • If the income exceeds 130% of poverty:
    • FAMIS recommends a closing.
    • Authorize the adverse action to close the case.
  • If the income does not exceed 130% of poverty:
    • If the result is a decrease in benefits, authorize the adverse action to reduce the benefits.
    • If the result is an increase in benefits, authorize the action unless the verification was required and not provided.

Individual Does Not Make Contact

Authorize a worker initiated adverse action closing (AAWC) with reason COO (failed to cooperate) and send an FA-510 to close the Food Stamp case. Record the reason for the action on the Action Authorization (FM3H) screen. The case is closed effective the month following the month in which the notice of adverse action expires. Refer to the FAMIS User Guide Worker Initiated Closing for instructions.