General Information Manual

0150.030.00 Card Issuance

IM-34 April 14, 2023; IM-94 September 20, 2004; IM-100 July 31, 2003

A request to issue an EBT card is added to the client maintenance file (see 0150.020.00 Client Maintenance File Information) when an issuance created by FAMIS is sent to the EBT vendor and a card has not been issued according to EBTU. The EBT card is mailed one business day following transmission of the file to EBT vendor. A new card is automatically issued when a card is canceled through the Administrative Terminal using the following reasons:

  • stolen
  • electronically stolen
  • lost, or
  • damaged

A card is manually reissued when the following cancellation reasons are used in the Administrative Terminal:

  • name changed
  • undelivered
  • bad address
  • deactivated/canceled, or
  • no status and no card number displayed on the Case status screen of the Administrative Terminal for deleted cards

A card is manually reissued to the resource center when EBTU shows office “O” mailing and card has a status in the Administrative terminal of:

  • name changed
  • undelivered
  • bad address, or
  • deactivated/canceled

When replacing a card, ensure the correct address is in the Administrative Terminal. If the residential or mailing address is not secure explore with the participant, the option of mailing the replacement card to a resource center (see 0150.030.05 Drop Shipments).

            Note: If a card is requested to be drop shipped to a resource center EBTU the EBT card status must first be changed and a new EBT card issued.

When a participant contacts the EBT Customer Service Center, the customer service representative verifies the correct address with the participant. If the address in the system does not match, the card is cancelled but not reissued, and the participant is instructed to contact the Family Support Division (FSD).

If the card has a status of “frozen”, the participant must update the status using the EBT vendor website or mobile application.