EBT Manual

0150.030.05 Drop Shipments

IM-49 August 7, 2018; IM-107 August 8, 2017; IM-84 October 10, 2012; IM-30 March 20, 2012; IM-05 January 13, 2005; IM-94 September 20, 2004

EBT cards with a mailing indicator code entered in EBTU for county office mailing will be drop shipped to county offices, packaged together, along with a manifest.  A signature is required for receipt of the cards.  PINs for these cards will also be drop shipped on the day after the cards are drop shipped.  The PIN mailing will include a standard bulk ship packing slip and will arrive in an envelope addressed to the county office.  A signature will be required for receipt of the PINs.

Each county office is responsible for maintaining security procedures for receiving and processing drop shipments. More than one person must be involved. The same person cannot be responsible for processing the cards and PINs.

Use the following procedure for processing drop shipped cards and PINs.

  • Compare the number of envelopes with the number of EBT cards listed on the FIS Vault Cards (Bulk Slip) Manifest (Page 1 of 3).
  • If correct, sign the manifest to verify receipt.
  • Scan the completed manifest to ssmanifests@ip.sp.mo.gov.
  • When a participant picks up an EBT card at an FSD office, have the participant sign a receipt for the EBT card and PIN. Scan a copy of the receipt into the Virtual File Room.

If two participants with the same name receive a card drop shipped, check ebtEDGE to determine which card belongs to which person. Destroy the PIN and instruct the participants to call ebtEDGE Customer Service at 800-997-7777 to select a new PIN.

Contact the participant when an EBT card is delivered to the county office and inform him/her to come to the office with proper identification to pick up the EBT card. After 30 days if card has not been picked up and the client was notified to pick up the card, these cards must be sent to Central Office via mail to Family Support Division, Attn SNAP/EBT Unit, P.O. Box 310, Jefferson City, MO 65102. The PIN should also be mailed in a separate mailing to the same address above.

In some circumstances, the county office address is used for the EU mailing address in FAMIS. If the mailing indicator in EBTU is not coded as county office mailing for drop shipment, and the mailing address is the county office address, the EBT card and PIN are mailed to the county office without a manifest. These cards and PINs must be treated in the same manner as drop shipped cards and PINs, and are sent to Family Support Division, Attn SNAP/EBT Unit, P.O. Box 310, Jefferson City, MO 65102 to be destroyed if not picked up after 30 days.