General Information Manual

0150.050.00 Claims

IM-94 September 20, 2004

The reason(s) for initiating, establishing, and entering claims into CARS is not changed. Overpayments can be repaid using the methods used prior to EBT. EBT allows for voluntary repayment of cash or food stamp claims using benefits in the EBT account (see 0150.050.05 Voluntary Repayment Using Benefits in the EBT Account), and using aged food stamp benefits to repay a food stamp claim. If the participant wishes to use the benefit to repay a claim or overpayment, reissue the benefits via the Payment Maintenance (FM5J) screen in FAMIS. Refer to the user guide Reissuing Aged Benefits for instructions. Then complete the voluntary repayment transaction.

If too many benefits are repaid, a negative balance is created. A negative balance on a claim is posted on OVPT, and the overpaid amount is reissued to the household. The negative balance for food stamps is reissued by State Office using code CNB on the Payment Maintenance (FM5J) screen. The negative balance for cash is reissued by State Office in the form of a check.

Follow Temporary Assistance (0310.015.00 Establishing Claims) and food stamp policy (1142.010.00 Claims Process) for establishing claims.