0110.000.00 Verification Requirements for MO HealthNet and Adult Cash Assistance Programs

0110.025.10 Unearned Income

IM-88 October 24, 2023; IM-89 June 27, 2022

Obtaining verification of unearned income is required for all MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MHABD) eligibility determinations. The verification obtained must represent the best information available that can be used to project future unearned income. Verification of unearned income received during the past 30 days must be obtained if available. Verification is to be obtained through the system whenever possible.


Use IMES to check Unemployment Compensation and wage data for all participants 16 years of age and older. IMES is required in the electronic case record if it is accessed to review income information and it reflects something other than “no data”. An IMES is considered to contain “no data” when the IMES:

  • is completely blank


  • has no earned income data for the last 12 months, and displays no unemployment compensation received for the last 12 months

When IMES displays “no data”, document in the eligibility system the date the IMES was viewed and why the IMES was not considered useful in an income determination.


Review IIVE to verify Social Security and/or SSI for all participants.

Child Support

Follow current procedures to verify both in-state and out of state child support income. Store verification in the case record.

Other Income Types

For other unearned income not in the system, obtain verification from the appropriate source. Examples:

  • Dividends may be verified by a statement from the source.
  • Worker’s Compensation, Veteran’s Benefits and private pensions may be verified by a letter or other statement from the source, or by a check stub provided by the client.
  • Private contributions from relatives, friends or organizations made directly to the client may be verified by a letter or statement from the source.
  • Accept the client’s statement for interest income claimed, as long as it will not adversely affect the eligibility determination.

NOTE: DO NOT use bank statements as verification of unearned income such as OASDI, SSI, etc., even if the income is directly deposited into the bank account. The amount deposited into the bank is the net amount (after Medicare deductions, for example), and therefore cannot provide accurate verification of gross income.